COVID-19 Updates


Sunday Service- 10:30 am Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting 6:30 pm



There are currently over five hundred confirmed cases of COVID-19 in our beautiful hometown of Bainbridge. Uncertainty is crippling our educational system and teachers as they struggle to appoint a time they seem fit to start school back. There are well over a quarter of our own church members who either have the virus, show signs of having it, have tested positive for it, or have at least had their family impacted from it in some form or fashion. We are in what seems like desolate times. Praise God thought that we serve a Master who knows the dawning of daylight and the appointed time for everything! 



The staff and elders here at Southwest Baptist Church have been trying our best to take these issues to heart and seek God's direction when it comes to properly handling the safety of our wonderful church family and it's children with the utmost of care. We recently have been advertising a launch date of August 5th for our student ministry to start and the following Sunday to be the day where we begin to kick back off our regular Sunday school programs. Unfortunately, with the most recent and sudden outbreak of new cases of the virus we have now decided to postpone these things as well as only allow one Sunday morning service at 10:30 AM. Please allow us to say that this is not what we hoped at SWBC to have to do, but we believe it would be a huge hindrance to only kick the student ministry and Sunday school programs off to only have them turn around and be cancelled a few short weeks later. We take these ministries very seriously and don't want to offer them just because "we can '' but to do so when the focus will be on NOTHING ELSE other than honoring and praising God.

We pray this reaches you in love, with you and your family safe and healthy, and in a place of brokenness for the state of our nation. We need to combat the virus, the politics, and the hatred rioting in the streets with prayer and the word of God. Read God's word, call out his name, and ask him to heal our nation!